Over time, high traffic on sections of your home carpet will cause visible wear. These traffic lanes that appear are a result of the dirt particles as much as any structural damage to the carpet. Here is how proper care helps your carpet look great and actually extends its life span.

Root Causes of Carpet Wear

It seems logical that heavy foot traffic would cause unsightly traffic lanes on a home carpet. While that is true on some levels, dirt is the main culprit of carpet deterioration. There are very sharp particles in dirt that grind against carpets when people walk over them. Regular foot traffic means people are continuously working these abrasive dirt particles around, a process that tears apart the fabrics and creates wear you can see.

Nylons and other fine fabrics in carpets reflect light, notes the Carpet and Rug Institute so damage to the materials means your carpets will look duller and show patterns of wear. At that point, carpets are reflecting less light while losing the volume that makes them appear fuller. There are several ways to cut down on the impact of dirt particles when you want to prolong your carpet’s life, but the type of cleaning system you use matters as much as the frequency of cleaning.

Techniques to Reduce Carpet Wear

One way to keep dirt from damaging carpets is to stop it from getting there in the first place. Placing mats by your doors will help prevent some of the dirt on people’s shoes from getting inside. Some homeowners may even start a no-shoes policy inside the home. Another recommendation is to vacuum regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating and settling in your carpet.

These methods are effective, but the easiest way to reduce the signs of carpet wear is regular cleaning. The Carpet & Rug Institute recommendations state that cleaning once every 12 to 18 months is ideal. Effective carpet cleanings remove damaging dirt particles so they cannot cut into the fabric of your home carpet and create traffic lanes.

Cleaning techniques also factor into the equation. Even though all carpet cleaners remove dirt, some systems make it easier for the dirt to come back. Any cleaning technique that uses traditional shampoos leaves residue in your carpet. Residue collects dirt, prompting the need for repeat cleaning sooner than necessary.

The advanced FRESHSTART cleaning system reduces the signs of carpet wear while prolonging the life span of the fabrics. To eliminate signs of traffic lanes and make sure they don’t return, it is your best bet for home carpet care.

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